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Not-For-Profit BB&T Point Fundraising Program
The High Point Rockers professional baseball team and our food concessionaire, Spectra Food Services & Hospitality are proud to offer a fun, summer fundraising program at BB&T Point to all local Not-For Profit organizations.
An eligible group can staff a concession/food stand at any event held at BB&T Point and receive a portion of that stands revenue for their cause.  This includes Rockers games as well as concerts, other sporting events and more!  There are plenty of interesting, diverse and exciting events to choose from!
This is an easy, effective, lucrative, and fun way to raise the revenue your group needs.  However, because we are responsible for ensuring excellence in guest service, we have very stringent guidelines under which our not-for-profit (NFP) groups operate.  Thus this program may not a match for every organization.
Groups select a leader and co-leader, who serve as the primary contacts for our Spectra Food Services & Hospitality staff regarding scheduling, confirmation, training information, etc.  The success of this program is contingent upon excellent, consistent communication between Spectra Food Services & Hospitality staff and the NFP group leaders. Being well organized and detail-oriented are critical attributes of an effective group leader. Spectra Food Services & Hospitality provides specific training for leaders and on-going event updates to ensure that these key positions are as effective a possible.
Groups are obligated to staff a minimum of 5 events per month throughout the agreement year of April 1 – October 31.  Most groups choose to staff more events than that, especially if they have aggressive financial goals to meet.  Typically, between 6 and 20 volunteers are on-site for a confirmed event, not the entire organization.  Groups select events they want to work along with the few events that are mandatory for everyone.  We provide your organization with the necessary training, proper equipment and product, discounted meal items, supervision, and a percentage of the sales, net of tax.
That’s it in a nutshell!  While the concept of the program is quite simple, following through on the details can sometimes present challenges. Scheduling, dress code, parking, and just finding your way around the venue can be perplexing – we try to provide our volunteers with as much information and help as possible to make things easy, fun and profitable.
If, after reviewing the information in this packet, your Not-for-profit organization is interested in being considered for the NFP program and you meet the program requirements, please complete the Application at the end of this packet and return it to Spectra Food Services & Hospitality.
 Frequently Asked Questions
What criteria must our group meet to be eligible for the Food for Funds program?
Interested groups must be prepared to meet the following program requirements:

  • Must be able to provide proof of (501)(C)(3) status to be considered for the program.
  • Must have a minimum of 6 participating members over the age of 16.  Those members under 18 are allowed to work, but cannot cook or run the window. 
  • Must be able to commit to staffing a minimum of 5 events throughout the term of the Volunteer Agreement.
  • Organizations are required to commit to the full term of the Volunteer Agreement.  
  • Must have a leader and co-leader who are the designated contact people for your group. The group leaders must have either an email address or a dedicated fax line to receive scheduling information and voice messaging or answering machine on a phone line. It is important to select a group leader who has the time and organizational skills to coordinate your volunteer efforts, and who is easy to contact via phone, email or fax. The Group leader must attend every training session.
  • Must have a positive attitude, be committed to providing a high level of guest service and satisfaction, and commit to adhering to policies and procedures governing the NFP program. 
  • Must have reliable, trustworthy volunteers with good cash handling skills. 
  • Must be flexible, given the event-driven nature of our business. 
  • Must be able to complete the required training provided by Spectra Food Services & Hospitality for each volunteer interested in participating in the program. 
  • Must turn in all required documentation, forms and the application prior to beginning their participation in the program.  

How long is the work shift?
It depends upon the event…and the appetites of our guests! Typically, volunteers arrive one hour before doors open (which is usually two hours before the event starts). Volunteers provide a stand leader for taking opening inventory, verifying their opening balance (counting money), and getting the stand ready to open. Most of the heavy food and beverage sales occur before the game starts (unless, of course, there is still a heavy demand for product). Volunteers are expected to assist with cleanup, which averages 30 minutes. From start to finish, shifts average 4-6 hours.
Do we have to serve alcohol (beer)?
Yes. Since the majority of our events sell beer out of the concession stands, ALL GROUPS PARTICIPATING IN THIS PROGRAM MUST BE ABLE TO SERVE BEER, IF REQUIRED. We recognize that a small number of volunteers within each group may not be able to serve alcohol.  We can accommodate these volunteers, along with the 16 and 17-year old young adults, at events during which alcohol is not served out of the concession stands, or if these volunteers are elected to run a portable in which no alcoholic beverages are served.
What is the minimum age requirement to work in a stand?
Anyone operating a service window, serving alcohol or cooking on a grill or fryer must be at least 16 years of age or older.  Runners or Prep people can be 14-15, as long as they do not touch a single alcoholic beverage or cook
What kinds of events will we be staffing?
NFP (Not-for-profit) groups are eligible to staff any event held at BB&T Point.  This includes Rockers games as well as concerts, events, exhibitions, etc. There are plenty of interesting, diverse and exciting events to choose from!
Can we watch the event?
Volunteers are not permitted to enter “the bowl” (interior of the arena) while working an event, participate in, or receive any promotion or giveaway item. 
What do we wear?
Volunteers provide Black shorts or pants, a white shirt, closed toe/heel shoes (NO flip flops!) and a baseball-cap type hat with the name of the group on it.  After locking up personal belongings (purses, backpacks, coats, etc.), volunteers proceed to the check-in area for their stand assignment. We have plenty of lockers in our locker rooms; volunteers must provide combination or key-type locks.
How do we know which events we’re going to work?
We email a copy of an event calendar to group leaders.  After deciding which events to work and how many members are available, the group leader faxes or emails the calendar back to Spectra Food Services & Hospitality. Spectra will match the group’s requests with our staffing needs and send a confirmation listing the events the group is scheduled to work.  Before each group of games, our Staffing Coordinator will contact you to ensure that you have the required amount of volunteers for each scheduled game.
Groups are paid a percentage of sales net of tax on food and beverage.  Spectra pays groups within 30 days of an event.
Deductions from compensation may occur if the group fails to meet confirmed staffing levels, has significant cash shortages, causes excessive post event cleanup, etc.  A complete list of deductions is contained in the NFP Agreement signed by a group upon acceptance into the program.
How much can your group expect to earn?  It depends on how many volunteers are required to staff your stand, which stand you’re in, what the attendance of the event is and, of course, how hungry and thirsty our guests are.  
How Do We Sign Up?
If your Not-for-profit organization is interested in being considered for the NFP program and you meet the program requirements, email the attached application to:
Comcast Spectacor
Attn: Tyler Runyon