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Rockers Mascot

Let's  Get This Pony a Name!


We just can't remain with a horse with no name, you need to help us out. 


As one of the most important members of the team, both on and off the field, our mascot has to have a fitting name.


Join us May 2nd for the unveiling!

Name The Mascot!

A Very Special Horse –


As a young foal, this horse felt out of place in its herd, and it felt as if its calling was elsewhere. This horse knew that it was unique, as it was the only one in their herd with 12 twinkle-like birthmarks scattered across its face and hooves. While migrating across Wyoming and Montana, with its heard our horse kept searching for its true calling.

One day a family traveling cross-country stopped alongside the road to admire the large herd. One of the children in the family, seeing this unique horse cried out “hey look at that very special horse, it has twinkle-stars and a North Carolina patch on its face!” From that moment on our horse knew its destiny lied in a place called North Carolina. Our very special foal left the herd.

Trusting its instincts, the foal headed towards the rising sun through fields, mountains, and cities, this very special foal set out across the vast open land. Its travels alone took the little foal trotting the bases of the Field of Dreams in Iowa and prancing through the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, both of which instilled great passions.

Traveling further South to escape the cold Northeast winter, our foal heard the rumbling of machinery and clanging of cranes off in the distance. What could it be but a new baseball stadium and team? Yes indeed! The calling now had a destination, baseball and Rockers fans in the state called North Carolina, the 12th State in the Union, the same number of twinkle-like birthmarks across its body. Our very special foal had found its new herd.

Being officially adopted by the High Point Rockers is giving this horse’s life new meaning and purpose in cheering on the team and fans and creating a new home to reign! The only thing missing is a name.