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Rockers Bat Boy/Girl Program

Bat Boy/Girl


-Arrive at least 90 minutes before the start of each game

-Help clean players cleats prior to and after each game

-Ensure that both dugouts and bullpens are stocked with water/Gatorade, cups, bench towels, gum, seeds, ice

-Make sure player pass lists get to ticket office on time

-Keep on-deck circle clean throughout the game

-Retrieve foul balls that stay on the field of play

-Retrieve bats from field of play

-Supply umpires with baseballs and water when needed

-Clean dugouts and bullpens, returning equipment to proper location

-Assist clubhouse managers with any and all other tasks


-Age 12-16 only

-Must pay attention at all times

-Know the rules of the game

-Must work nights, weekends, and holidays

-Available for most, if not all, 70 Rockers home games